Superblaise løser kommunikasjonsutfordringer og arbeider strategisk innen virksomhetsområdene innovasjon, design, reklame, forretningsutvikling og merkevarebygging.


Vi er engasjerte, driftige og innsiktsfulle. Vi har en sterk internkultur, dyrker faget vårt og jobber hardt med kundene våre over tid for å bevise at vi fortjener deres tillit. Vi forstår vår teknologiske hverdag og er overbeviste om at vi må tenke nytt å skape verdi for våre kunder i fremtiden.


Vi jobber blant annet med kunder som Vio, Umoe, Digital Norway, Tine, Norway Health Tech, Mustad fish hooks, Christian Radich, Mingl, Aleap, iConfirm, BankAxept, Sprint Consulting, Telenor, White Rabbit, No Isolation, Orkla, BI, Santander, Bright Products, Jotun, Mustad Eiendom, Samlerhuset, Forskerfabrikken, Obos, DNV GL, Olivia, Deloitte Digital, Findus, Nets, Reitangruppen, David Andersen, Sector Alarm, Avarn Security, Rema 1000, Dæhlie, 7-Eleven, Unacast, Flokk/HÅG, Comedy Central, Telia, Sony, Risør Kammermusikkfestival og ADHD Norge. For å nevne noen…


Vi holder til i coworkingspacet 657 Oslo
Fredensborgveien 24 A (3. og 4. etasje)
0177 Oslo


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Joachim Levin
Daglig leder/kreativ leder
mobil: (+47) 900 79 748


Preben Sander
mobil: (+47) 980 62 227


Anniken Fjelberg
Strategisk leder
mobil: (+47) 906 36 906


Victoria Salbu
mobil: (+47) 911 85 957


Henriette Wulff
mobil: (+47) 473 74 374


Celine Ugland Brudeseth
Senior prosjektleder og kundeansvarlig
mobil: (+47) 911 39 333


Kristofer Haugvik
mobil: (+47) 975 37 584

Michelle Wilson
mobil: (+47) 920 18 172


Ole Fredrik Ekern
mobil: (+47) 917 05 411


Fredrik Staurland
mobil: (+47) 988 89 346


Simon Ström
mobil: (+47) 404 98 924


Dag von Krogh Bunkholt
Kreativ utvikler
mobil: (+47) 932 02 707


Anine Willums Karp
Daglig leder & partner Untold Insight
mobil: (+47) 916 62 465

Superblaise solves communication challenges and works strategically with innovation, advertising, design, content and business development.


We are engaged, driven and insightful. Our in-house ethos is strong. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients. We are convinced that the world needs new ways of thinking to produce fresh ideas.

Superblaise is an agency where young people meet experienced communicators to create new stories and increased value for our clients. We believe in collaboration! That’s why we draw on external expertise in our broad network when needs arise. Our offices are part of 657 Oslo, Norway’s largest coworking space for creative businesses. Together we are over 230 highly engaged people, running a total of nearly 120 businesses. Both Superblaise and Untold Insight, are situated at 657 Oslo, Fredensborgveien 24.

Illuminating insight

Through our many years of experience, we have learned that we don’t know everything all of the time. With this in mind, our young Untold Insight delivers insight and creative work, focused on innovative processes to a market continuously changing and where Millennials and Generation Z are increasingly influential. If you want to talk effectively to a target audience, you need to understand it first. The outcome of our insight process gives you an understanding of your target audience and their patterns. Our projects are always built on insight so that we can develop effective solutions, specific actions and creative concepts for your company.With the agency’s expansive network and unique methodology, Untold offers a bold and disruptive approach developing innovative communication strategies that will ignite a conversation with the target group. For more about Untold, please visit the agency’s web page.